Modding Resources

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to this little paradise of modding, for Total War: WARHAMMER II. Before we go on, a few things to note:

  • This website is run and maintained by a beautiful union between GitHub and myself, Vandy. (It's hosted on GitHub Pages, if you can't tell from the URL.)
  • This is an independent project, completely separate from anything resembling official-ness via Creative Assembly, or SEGA, or Games Workshop, or whatever.
  • All tutorials hosted here are done so with the consent of their respective authors - not a great fan of stolen work!
  • This site doesn't seek to be an exhaustive list of guaranteed victories, but a slowly-growing community effort to condense knowledge that we have, and formalize it.

This project is early yet, and won't be easy for me to maintain. If you would like to help me, reach out to me, and I'll have you convert some tutorials into .md files. Read how below, in "Converting to Markdown".


The way I'm going to divide up the tutorials is utterly and completely undecided as of yet.


If you'd like to submit your tutorial, let me know! There will probably be a cleaner way of this later on, but yeah. Just tell me. Thx.