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Welcome to the homepage for frontend scripting in Total War. Here you can find resources and guidance for the creation of scripts that will run in the frontend.

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Script File Locations

Not much script tends to run in the frontend. The game automatically loads the file script\frontend_scripted.lua when the frontend is started. Any intended frontend scripts can be placed in, or loaded from, this file.

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Frontend script interface

The frontend script environments provides an interface object, frontend, on which a number of functions may be called. See the frontend page for more information.

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Uses for Frontend Script

Historic uses for scripting in the frontend:

  • Powering animation sequences made in UI to be shown prior to launching a historic battle (Fall of the Samurai/Rome2).
    • Opting player in to tutorial if they've never played the game (Warhammer).
      • Setting up an initial loading screen for the player (Warhammer).
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